Ryosuke Ando

Craft Talk 01: Ryosuke Ando

»I want to execute everything myself«

White and silver – what thrills us about Ryosuke Ando’s works are their chic and distinctive forms. We met the artist at  the fabulous Matsumoto Crafts Fair.

As craft lovers, it is always a great pleasure for us to find new artists. At this year’s Matsumoto Craft Fair, which is one of the biggest craft fairs in Japan, we found magnificent artists and works. Moreover, we are privileged to interview them and put them out on our website. In our interview we ask them ten questions.

Ryosuke Ando

The first artist we would like to introduce you is a ceramic artist, Ryosuke Ando. Born in Aichi prefecture he studied design at Aichi University of the Arts and later ceramics. What makes his work unique are their stylish and refined forms. This comes from his background as a designer, I believe.  Here is the interview:


Shino: What do you see from the window now?

Ryosuke: Trees in my garden, and the atelier where I spend most of my time.

What did trigger you to become an artisan?

When I sought for one work, in which I would engage myself for the rest of my life, and also would integrate into my everyday life, Pottery was the only answer.

Why do you prefer to work with your hands instead of having the pieces mass-produced?

It’s a sort of my ego. I want to execute everything myself from the beginning to the end.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I always try to develop my ideas from things or events happening in front of me, and I often find my inspirations when I am not working, or when I am away from atelier and can’t work. In a sense, it is stressful not to be able to work, but this strain gives me new visions.

Do you have any mottos or slogans?

Create something interesting, unique, and “what’s this?” sort of positive unusualness.

Which is the greatest challenge of leading a life as an artisan?

I have to do all alone, even though this is what I wanted to do.

What is the biggest joy as artisan?

In our field, it is crystal clear what is excellent, and what is dreadful. In that sense, I would be very pleased when I get satisfying results.

What makes your products special?

I sometimes come across other artist’s work that stirs up my feeling. It’s hard to put into words how great they are. And I feel so envy. I have to say, my works might not have such a charm yet.

Where can people find your work?

At some craft fairs, exhibitions, and shops.

What will you be doing after this interview?

Work, of course.


Visit Ryosuke Ando’s website: