Kei Condo

Craft Talk 03: Kei Condo

»I want to produce what I want to with my own rhythm«

The distinctive features of Condo’s works are in thier yellowish caramel colour and straightforward forms. They are indeed stylish. Sleek design might sometimes induce unfeelingness, instead, his tablewares give us heart warming feelings. They embody his real nature, I presume.

Kei Condo, half-Japanese, half-Ethiopian, was born and grown up in one of the well-known Japanese ceramic cities, Kasama in Ibaraki. After spending some time abroad, he set up his own brand in his hometown 2009. We were lucky enough to find his works and to meet him at the Craft Fair Matsumoto this year, where we arranged an interview. In summer, we finally caught up with Condo.

Here is the interview:


What do you see from the window now?

A weeping cherry tree and two cats in the garden.

What did trigger you to become an artisan?

I’ve chosen to work with clay because I wanted to live expressing myself.

Why do you prefer to work with your hands instead of having the pieces mass-produced?

Because I want to produce what I want to with my own rhythm.

Where do you find your inspiration?

As I make table wares normally, cookings often give me ideas.

Do you have any mottos or slogans?

Recently I’ve come to think about making tablewares in which we find happiness and peace of mind.

What is the biggest joy as artisan?

I would gloat whenever someone spot my favourite works at my exhibitions.

What makes your products special?

I can’t say it myself. Each should grasp it as they like.

Where can people find your work?

normally sell my works at exhibitions or some kind of events. They’ll be announced on my website.

What will you be doing after this interview?

Mugs are waiting to be handled …


Visit Condo’s website: