Kiso Valley 2013

Long before I became fascinated by Japanese Art Crafts I bought this bowl. I found it at the autumn crafts fair in Agato no Mori Park in Matsumoto, Nagano, while visiting my parents in law back in 2002. Shino had told me about the much bigger Crafts Fair, that takes place every year in May. But since I had no interest, I was not so much impressed.

This round bowl, however, caught my attention. Never before had I seen a piece of pottery of such wonderful roughness. It is made of gray clay with tiny white granite balls and finished with a grayish-white layer glazing and black decoration. Still today I feel like this is the most beautiful piece of kitchen ware in our house. I love its irregular sharpe, the gray glaze with blurred darker spots and the uneven white glaze on top, as well as the rough structure, which you can feel when you hold the bowl. The bowl is full of imperfection. But that is exactly what makes it perfect for me.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the potter who sold this bowl. But I remember that he had a a lot of similar things on sale, and now I wish I had bought some more or at least kept the name card of the potter. (If by any chance you know who is the man who made this bowl, please let me know! I would be too happy to feature him on Pan to Kome – and maybe buy some more of his beautiful works.)

The inside is decorated with two black brush strokes which just cross each other.
The base is unglazed and of an rare roughness.
The final white glazing has been applied very unevenly and formed some nice drops.
Here you can see the grayish-back decoration with the transparent white glaze on top. The clay is enriched with tiny white granite balls, which add to the rough structure.