Matsumoto Crafts
Fair 2015

This is one of the biggest and oldest craft fairs in Japan, attracting around 50,000 visitors every year.

Matsumoto Craft Month 2016

Every May the city of Matsumoto becomes the place to be for lovers of Japanese Crafts. For the whole months many shops put on special crafts displays, many resulting out of the collaboration with local crafts artists.

»I try to make tablewares that are like family members«

Pristine and sweet. The botanical paintings on Momoko Otani’s rather plainly formed potteries are the trademark of this artist. The rustical flowers and leaves add so much charm to them.

Kei Condo

»I want to produce what I want to with my own rhythm«

The distinctive features of Kei Condo’s works are in thier yellowish caramel colour and straightforward forms. They are indeed stylish. Sleek design might sometimes induce unfeelingness, instead, his tablewares give us heart warming feelings. They embody his real nature, I presume.